Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Assessing student learning

Assessment of student learning should draw on higher order thinking skills. In my classroom, I require students to demonstrate what they know through projects and presentations. As it relates to the unit I am creating for this class, I am requiring students to draw on these skills. Students will be assessed on presentation content and delivery when they give their economic indicator presentation. I feel that in order to give a competent presentation, the presenter must know the material in detail. For the second assessment project, students will develop a survey that relates to the principle of supply and demand. The students will then be required to explain the results of the survey.

The best way to involve students in the assessment process is to provoke them to think. I hate multiple choice tests! Project based assignments that require students to defend their position is the best way to go.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Internet Integration 3/4/2009

The Internet can be used by students to research topics taught in the Economic unit. One topic of interest are economic indicators used by economists and investors to measure the strength of the economy. Students can obtain current data and readings of GDP, CPI, Unemployment and other important indicators. I employ a different strategy when regulating Internet use in the classroom.

I grant students access to the Internet as a reward system. If the students have all their work completed and their grade is above 85% they can use the Internet to explore their own topics of interest (so long as the sites are school appropriate). If students violate this trust, I block their access for a period of one month using AB Tutor.

I plan on using a consumer confidence survey for the publication.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Curriculum Framing Question 2/20

Unit Title: Understanding Different Economic Systems

Unit Description: This unit discusses some of the most basic principles of economic and political systems. The unit begins by exploring a free enterprise system, characterized by private ownership, competition, profit, and risk. The unit then explores other economic systems and the various political systems that go with them.

Essential Questions:
-Is money and weatlh important?

Unit Questions:
-Ho do economic resources influence a countries policy making decisions?
-How do the principles of supply and demand influence your life?
-What creates a successful economy?

Content Questions:
-How does supply and demand influence the price of a good?
-Why would a surplus cause a decrease in price?
-What are the four factors of production?
-What type of economy exists in the United States?
-What are the four processes of the business cycle.
-What are the differences between Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reflection of topics discussed in class up to 2/10/09

The topics discussed in class have given me an overview of the elements required to design a complete unit plan. Having just completed my educational degreee in December of 1997, the topoics of good instructional design, project based learning, addressing standards, and curriculum framing questions are familiar. That being said, it is refreshing to be addressing these issues again. I am particularly interested in proper instructional design and the use of technology to faciliate this process. I am finding the design template helpful in organizing my unit and I would love to have the time to organize all my lessons in this level of detail.